La Grande Marque
24220 Marnac
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Monuments and sights

A great number of historical monuments are located in the Perigord noir, also called the land of the 1000 castles. There is worldwide the largest number of prehistoric caves to be found in the valleys of the Dordogne and the Vézère. Some of them are still open to the visitors. Equally interesting are the many troglodyte settlements which have partly been inhabited from the beginning of mankind up to now. Some picturesque small towns, founded a long time ago,  proudly present their churches and monasteries of Roman times as well as their impressive castles and fortresses from the time of the War that lasted a hundred years. This historic region is also situated in a beautiful countryside whose colours and fragrances can be enjoyed in many astonishing parks and gardens.

Most of these landmarks are interesting for old and young and within easy reach of “La Grande Marque” (30 kilometres).

From spring to autumn many festivals, medival tournaments, concerts and other cultural events take place in several of these romantic small towns. There are also traditional markets in many places practically every day.